mixed media
each 30 x 40 cm


Susanne Möhrings series fall presents small scenes showing different aspects of what fall can be – a state of
mind as well as a season or the end to everything. The drawings are arranged like little memory cards, stressing
thedynamics of life as well as the fact that not everything is revealed yet. This feeling of permanent change, of life
and death is also found in the drawings themselves. We see violence and pain as well as a rather passive process
of rotting or destruction.

The artist explores not only the forces of nature but also the forces of fights with inner demons set free. On the other
hand, we have a strong erotic component in most of the drawings. Here fall is depicticted as a season – the time
when fruits are riping in a nearly obscene way, when seedvessels are only a moment away from exploding, from
spreading their seeds all over. This idea of “highest hights and lowest depths”, of both non-controllable feelings joy
and passion meeting unbearable pain and death is communicated through all drawings of the fall series which
leaves us with the conclusion that fall is the nasty brother of spring.

Charlotte Joppien, 2011