oh my dear


The series “Oh my dear” plays with the ambiguous meanings of dear/deer. All drawings express that there must be different parallel worlds. At the first glance the deer might be imprisoned, frightened, captured. The artist used strong brushes and dark colours that loom large on paper. In contrast, the deer is drawn very lightly with a pencil, so light that it might even take a time to detect it. The
longer one looks at the scene, the clearer it gets that this deer is not captured but free and lives in a different time and place than the destruction sourrounding it. The deer might be the vanishing point of someone who is a passive victim to a dominating, abusive relation. When pressure becomes to high the deer appears and takes the person away to another reality. A reality, that might be just as true as the one we are situating ourselves in.

Text: Charlotte Joppien, 2011